Nissan Land Glider Concept


Nissan Land Glider Concept

Nissan release their future car as a concept for green car Nissan Land Glider Concept, below is press release

Nissan planning and design team were given a challenge: to explore new forms of zero emission mobility redefined the existing segments. The result is a radical new vehicle that combines the company’s vision for the future of urban mobility with great driving Nissan’s heritage.

In creating the concept of Land Glider, planners and designers have understood Nissan form an entirely new from the zero-emission mobility that combines personal smart, new driving experience, all in one compact, 4-wheeled package.

With more than 50% of the world population who live in big cities in the near future, designers closely motorcycles as a credible basis to begin the design process.

While agility, thrills and inspires freedom of bicycle designers and engineers, additional spice was added to the mixture. Tandem architecture becomes a clear choice. Unique two-seater, cocoon-like structure sitting on zero emission powertrain. With fourwheel stability and security that comes from the cabin side, Land Glider will appeal to two-and four-wheel-drive enthusiasts.

Targeted urban population in all generations, Land Glider is a serious automotive statement of a new era of mobility that Nissan intends to lead.

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