2011 Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake


As we suppose a few days ago, Mercedes will benefit the salon P2kin to announce the next generation of CLS with a concept of “break off”, ie a shooting brake. A very successful concept that could well reach the stage of production in the months to come.

Having swallowed the first in a trend with its first generation of CLS, Mercedes does not stop there way. The second generation is about to make its appearance, but as a diva, is still a few months. That said, the new concept that Mercedes will unveil in Beijing this weekend is very close to this new vehicle. It is distinguished mainly by its rear part, treated as a break. The CLS is considered a cut despite its four doors, so this break claims under shooting brake, or English Shooting Brake. Mercedes is also for a traditional spelling of the term break, and recalls the origin after the equestrian world. To be fair, the manufacturer has also hangs lineage of this concept to another vehicle of the same type: Fascination concept, history to assert his pedigree.

The CLS is with the second model ls SLS to enroll in the new stylistic trend of Mercedes with a grille placed before and more vertical. For the first time (some notable exceptions such as the 300SL), the grille is no longer attached to the hood, but the shield. Treatment rendered necessary by the standards of pedestrian safety, but not necessarily very happy with a point of aesthetics. The headlights use a technology entirely to LEDs, but retain all the features of adaptive lighting. The flanks are heavily worked with no fewer than three lines, one ascending bass line, a high line down, and behind a line outlining a contour of the wheel. Adding volume back the break is consistent with a surface glazed side remains very sharp, and a flag flying.

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