2010 VW Phaeton V6 TDI V6 FSI V8


The Phaeton passes in turn through the mill “Golf VI Style and emerged with a new grille with horizontal bars. Chrome is here to give it a full bit more exclusive. The shield also includes a new heavy chrome trim and fog lights, LED lights like the days included in the primary lenses. In recent win in passing a function code / automatic route. The rear is changed equally subtle, with a new internal design that incorporates LED lights arranged in “M” (?), And the shield also adopts a thick chrome strip.

Inside, the style does not change, and the only novelty is the navigation system RNS810 is expandable with a display function of the way Google Maps Google Maps. Maps that are downloaded from the Internet via the integrated phone. Like its competitors, it also adopts a system for detecting signs via a camera. These limitations are displayed in the navigation screen and in the central matrix of the instrumentation. The system is also able to recognize additional data elements, such as restrictions on hours of these limitations. Another novelty, the ability to recognize the signs prohibiting overtaking.

The cruise control on his part to win support function in shock front (Front Assist) which alerts the driver and prepares the brake, but not take the driver’s seat. However, it remains operational only from 30 to 200 km / h and not win a function to 0 km / h. Finally, the side assist monitors the blind spots to alert the driver of the vehicle.

The range of engines does not change, then found the V6 TDI, FSI V6, V8 and W12, all associated with AWD

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