2012 BMW 3 Series Hybrid


Yesterday was held the general meeting of shareholders of BMW. Satisfied shareholders who have closely followed the speech by Norbert Reithofer, during which he confirmed the imminent arrival of a hybrid variant of the 3 Series.

In the chapter dedicated to reducing CO2 emissions, BMW has committed to reduce by 25% between 2008 and 2020 on the basis of the average vehicle sold, he discussed the terms of hybrids. So, after a mild hybrid 7 Series, the manufacturer has launched the X6 full hybrid, which will soon be followed by the 5 Series from the same barrel, unveiled in prototype form at the last Geneva Motor Show.

For the future, this is an open secret that hybrid technology will make its way to other models in the range, and Mr. Reithofer has confirmed at least one, and size: the Series 3. If no specific date is given, it is certain that it will be the new generation, and that this hybrid version will therefore not appeared before 2012.

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