2011 Kawasaki Z 750 R


The presentation of the new 2011 Kawasaki Z 750 R seems not to have disappointed the expectations of those who is looking forward to a new version of the Z 750 and those who advocated instead an entirely new model: in fact, the new creature of the house of Akashi, although starting as base from older sister, he is not a simple and predictable review. First, it must be said that the new Z 750 R confirms many of the advances that had transpired in recent days: the engine is a four-cylinder in-line with a capacity of 748 cc can deliver a maximum power of 106 horses.

The chassis has been revised especially in the suspension system and made more similar to the Kawasaki Z 1000: front fork is a Showa 41 mm adjustable in a much more accurate with the ability to adjust the rebound damping on both sides of the fork. At the rear is a Uni-Trak monoshock nitrogen tank that acts on a separate aluminum swingarm bibraccio completely redesigned.

The major news for the brake system concern the front, where there are two 300 mm petal discs which act on double radial calipers with four pistons in turn driven by a pump operated radially. In addition, the front wheel is a circle with six spokes and tires mounted are reinforced the Dunlop 210.

From the aesthetic point of view have been revised instrumentation, fairing, front fender now in three pieces, knobs (shorter and arranged in a more external position) and the color, now more racing style.

This is the second season of the new house after the Akashi KX 250 F 2011: the Japanese company has announced six so now all eyes are on INTERMOT and EICMA, which certainly came the remaining four.

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