Ford Fiesta R2 Rally Kit


The Gymkhana 3 of Ken Block has depopulated, and was quick to give its first results: Ford has unveiled the new kit R2 rally for its Fiesta, making it available to customers who wish to engage in the newborn flagship Fiesta Sport Trophy.
Key to transformation is the enhancement of the naturally aspirated 1.6 petrol, rising from 120 hp to 170 hp and 152 Nm and 180 Nm, thanks to new pistons, camshafts, injectors and air filter. At the angry four-cylinder is placed a five-speed sequential gearbox, a set of Reiger dampers, Eibach springs and new, ventilated disc brakes with four-piston calipers and a steel roll-cage and in full.

The R2 Kit is designed for approval by M-Sport, Ford’s business partner in the WRC since 1997, while marketing and installation are carried out by O ‘Neil Motorsports. The package of technical upgrades is intended for U.S. customers who wish to enroll in the new brand.

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