2010 Peugeot RCZ Asphalt


The custom-built cars from Peugeot, the first car to have a symbol of the Lion without the characteristic identification numbers, now has a new limited edition Peugeot RCZ called Asphalt. This model, presented at the Paris Motor Show 2010, will be produced by the manufacturer to only 500 copies and is the second special version produced for this elegant and curvaceous coupe. The new limited edition features an elegant matte black exterior color, combined with other elements in the same color as 19-inch alloy wheels and black leather interior Asphalt.

Under the hood is installed on the 1.6 turbo engine from 200 hp traditional car, without modification. There were no other common characteristics of a special type. Another benefit is for example the installation of double 5-spoke wheels and Continental tires. The car is distinguished by the Asphalt identifying logo in several places.

Inside, the seats were stamped with the mark Asphalt, just to make it clear to those who sit in cars that it is not a Peugeot RCZ whatever, but a special edition and exclusive. Unfortunately, at least from our point of view, it seems that most of the Peugeot 500 RCZ Asphalt will be sold in France.

In addition to not having spread information about the technical specifications and equipment of the new version of the RCZ, Peugeot has not released information about the prices. It remains therefore nothing to do but wait to learn more about this interesting project.

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