2011 Volkswagen New Beetle


After a long wait there appears the first spy photos of the new generation of Volkswagen New Beetle. The Beetle was introduced in 1998 and several years we are talking about the possibility of producing an edition renewed. Apparently the wait is about to end. The shapes of the New Beetle seem closer to those of the original Beetle, but with different elements derived from the prototype Volkswagen Ragster presented in 2005. According to rumors the new New Beetle should be presented at the next Geneva Motor Show. Aesthetically, the next-generation car has a lower roof and receding in the rear. On the back there is a vent in the bumper, a sort of speaker in the midst of what should be reflective or fog lamps. The design of the windows is very special, especially with regard to the front doors.

There are new headlights and front fascia grille and renovated with air intakes changed. What we see, however, should not be the final version. E ‘likely view before the new edition of the Beetle will acquire a more aggressive effort to remove its reputation as a girls car (although it will be very difficult).

The hood was lengthened and made more upright windshield, to get closer to the original design of the Volkswagen Beetle. A mix of retro and modern look that should give this car, so fashionable at the turn of the century, a new impetus and a regenerated appeal.

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