2014 Volkswagen Golf blue-e-motion


The blue Volkswagen Golf-and-motion variant supply of the popular model in Wolfsburg, will not see the light before 2014. This was reported today by the Dutch to AutoWeek. According to the anticipation that therefore, the model is set to be postponed for 12 months from the date initially scheduled for its debut. Golf The blue-and-motion, driven by an electric motor completely capable of delivering 115 hp, has the distinction of offering three different driving modes, separated from each other by significant performance gap, and conversely, to be equally significant differences in terms of consumption.

In Comfort mode +, one in which the model delivers its maximum power, the electric motor sends all of its torque to the wheels-of 270 Nm, thus allowing a 0-100 from 11.8 s and a maximum speed of 135 km / h. In Normal mode the maximum power output drops to 88 hp and with it the maximum speed reaches about 115 km / h. Mode Range + Finally, the engine power is limited to 69 hp, top speed stops at 105 km / h and the atmosphere is muted.

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