Bmw 335is Coupè e Cabrio


BMW has brought to debut in the 335is Coupe and convertible body, for use by the update technical and aesthetic week dedicated to them. The itching caused by the initials should not, however, to the test, since this version will be available (at least initially) only for the North American market with special specifications. Motorists Yankees will have the opportunity to appreciate the N54 engine in its horsepower from 324, made in response to the spread of the new N55 intestine.

The six-cylinder biturbo engine is in fact enhanced version of the 18 horses from the start, while the torque rises to 437Nm (503Nm overboost when it comes into action), the final output is therefore less than 16 horses – as anticipated – in comparison with Z4is. Available as standard with the DCT dual-clutch transmission, the 335is Coupe accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.0 seconds, two tenths faster than the Convertible. For both the maximum speed is equal to 241 km / h.

At a technical level, BMW has changed the front of his sport (not the fog lights are present) to insert an additional radiator, make more effective cooling system and strengthen the supports of the engine. The sports exhaust system with terminals blacks, the package aesthetic M Style and 18-inch alloy wheels complement the aesthetics.

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