Honda 3R-C Concept


In addition to the European debut of the CR-Z, Honda will exhibit at the Geneva Motor Show, the prototype C-3R, three-wheeled vehicle and zero emissions in the developed R & D center in Milan. The 3R-C, Honda points out, is a motorcycle. Despite the protective cell that also provides complete protection from the weather, despite the presence of a folding seat for a possible passenger, despite the great weight balance with the battery pack placed at ground level to optimize weight distribution.

The Honda 3R-C is equipped with a kind of transparent plastic canopy, designed to repair the driver’s cockpit in a stationary position, opening up like a shell to protect the face and torso of the driver when the key turned d ‘ ignition. To appreciate the presence of a (very narrowly) trunk on the front of the vehicle. At the Honda stand will also display the EV-N and concept car FCX Clarity.

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