TomTom Pro 7100 Truck


TomTom has launched its new model 7100 Pro Truck, thinking of the professional road transport, with enhanced routing guide that includes coverage for places restrictions on heavy vehicles in Europe. So now been incorporated in Denmark, Hungary and Sweden, with a total of 15 countries which is able to show its restrictions on weight and dimensions. This browser aims to save time and money transport companies, avoiding unexpected detours, and can plan ahead the route, even in real time, while in transit. Thus, the PRO 7100 Truck alerts the driver to access restrictions based on height, width, length, total weight and axle weight of the vehicle.

The new TomTom PRO 7100 Truck has an improved user interface and includes features such as restriction notices deseguridadtales, voice and advanced lane guidance. You may also be part of TomTom Worksmart for the transport fleet management effortless. Worksmart offers carriers the ability to send jobs and data in real-time driving, working hours and digital tachograph data, thereby helping to reduce fuel costs and environmental impact when used in combination with ECOPLUS TomTom.

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