Mazda RX-7 with Wankel engine turbo


Mazda continues to offer its preferred engine, the Wankel rotary. After thinking about a return of the brilliant engine, invented by Felix Wankel, mounted on one of the most efficient and robust open cars like the Mazda MX-5, the Nipponese are now inclined to use the new Renesis rotary engine Mazda to equip RX-7 or RX-9, which then would be almost the same thing. But the news is not, of course, the car itself, or in the equipment of a rotary engine, that on these Japanese cars has become almost routine.

The novelty is that the Wankel engine, which is indicated to move the Mazda RX-7, could have provided a turbocharger. This is the news. But not over, since that turbo, applied to the rotary engine, it would not be driven by exhaust gases, as for the rest of the common internal combustion engines, but it should work as a sub in part, powered by a battery and a real electric motor.

The consequence of a turbocharger detached from the thermodynamic cycle, but indirectly related, he would have the obvious consequences in terms of performance of the rotary engine. Already performing with Wankel engine, increase torque values, in itself high, ensure better operating economy and should be to the benefit of consumption, a real problem for the rotary engine, and provide low CO2 emissions.

Mazda announced that its cars are also designed according to a new philosophy, one called “Nagare” that is, flowing water and wind. A new way of designing cars that Mazda could influence the design of the new RX.

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