Mercedes Class G-Wagon Suv Concept


Mercedes has created a new concept of armored military industry. This is the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon 6.X Light Armoured Patrol Vehicle, shown for the first time during the Euro 2010 Exhibition in Paris. Starting from the base of the vehicle LAPV 5.4, the 6.X is designed to carry larger and heavier loads, providing better protection and agility. In terms of engine, the extreme G-Wagon SUV Concept uses an unspecified common-rail diesel engine, which allows you to touch 150 km / h.

The design of the body suggests that the armor of the G-Wagon suv LAPV allows you to quickly remove the damaged parts and make repairs quickly. Other components of the body armor can be installed quickly. The Mercedes G-Wagon also includes protection against landmines. Other features include an off-road type of very high performance air shocks, which can be adapted quickly to the ground, to provide up to 450 mm clearance from ground obstacles. The brakes are hydraulic with vented discs, from the design studio to make the difficult terrain easier to tackle.

The vehicle in question, also built in collaboration with the European Aeronautics, has a data recorder, a kind of black box, which allows you to communicate with centers of defense and also allows the locking of the vehicle. The extreme suv Mercedes G-Wagon Concept LAPV 6.X made several demonstrations of efficiency, showing its characteristics in a conference to explain the purposes of military logistics and all the services you can put in place.

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