Nissan GT-R SpecM


Nissan GT-R is a name that everyone knows very well. The Japanese high-performance supercar has now been revised, for what apparently will become the road version of luxury. The spy photos that we publish have been widely used by colleagues Secret New Cars, and depict the Nissan GT-R SpecM for the first time during a series of tests. Externally, there is no difference of great importance. But things change at all if you look inside and under the hood of the GT-R SpecM.

Speaking of engine, the new Nissan should have the same 3.8 V6 485cv, which will continue to offer the car’s impressive acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in under 4 seconds. This version of the GT-R will be introduced on the market in Japan, first in Europe, and price will be adjusted to that of a luxury supercar (presumably between 250,000 and 300,000 euros).

Aesthetically, the differences are not great. Do you see especially the new front and rear bumpers. For the rest, most of the interventions were aimed at improving comfort and driving experience. New suspension, more suited to long trips to the laps and interior luxury character, rather than sporty.

In particular there will be more comfortable seats and a full range of accessories, gadgets and “toys” to make this supercar a nice place to be, even for several hours. Among them certainly a high-fidelity stereo system and a multimedia infotainment.

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