Tuning Porsche Panamera Rivage GT 970 by Hofele-Design


The Porsche Panamera GT 970 Rivage was staged by the German Höfel-Design, which has implemented a new car kit to the whole body. The tuner focused on the suspension, the exhaust and wanted to upgrade the entire brake system of the Porsche Panamera GT 970 Rivage. As for the body, the kit Höfel has a new front bumper with large air intakes and a front grill provided by the Cayenne Turbo. The optical unit has LED lights, even during the day and the direction indicators.

Along the sides, have installed new side skirts that fit at the end of the body, with a rear spoiler, and with its bumper, which has a built-in speaker. At the center is also located a light fog. These discharges are of the quad, ending with a final silencer made of stainless steel. The sound coming out is very sporty.

Complete construction of the tuner, the application of 22-inch alloy wheels, part of the K series with five spokes, silver color. The customer, however, can also choose the alloy wheels in glossy black double-spoke. The wheel has a disc brake with a six-piston calipers, red, hard drilled and ventilated. Again, however, there is the possibility to choose the type of brake and disk size.

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