Opel Antara Front Wheel Drive 2.0 CDTI


The Opel Antara widen the price list with a new entry level on the front of the diesel engines, the Antara 2.0 CDTI Front Wheel Drive, which stops in the second position, 2.0 CDTI. Lately the updates list affecting more and more often the basis of the same: new entry level with smaller displacements compared to a number less than horses. All this is topped with an efficiency of higher level, which ensures lower fuel consumption and harmful emissions than the previous base engine. Again we are faced with a lighter and more efficient engine.

In terms of diesel, the engine is slipping 2.0 CDTI Edition Plus 2WD, capable of 126 horsepower. For the same capacity the new engine promises a higher power of 24 horses. The new 2.0-liter engine is mated to a five-speed manual gearbox and particulate filter as standard. The cumulative change is able to guarantee a reduction in fuel consumption and emissions, in proportion to the increase of power.

With the introduction of the new Front Wheel Drive 2.0 CDTI Opel Antara took the opportunity to make more palatable the entire list, by making a general reduction in prices. The Antara is treated similar to that offered in December to the Opel Corsa, a curtailment of the general price list.

The price cut is equal to 1,700 euro for the range Front Wheel Drive and 2,000 euro for the All Wheel Drive. The price list so that part of the German SUV 23,500 euro including VAT for the entry-level version, the Opel Antara Edition Plus 2.4 16V 2WD 140 hp.

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