Michelin Pilot Sport 3


Help has had the pleasure of attending the world premiere of the new Michelin Pilot Sport 3, specifically in Almeria, Spain. In Andalusia, as guests of the French, we were offered the chance to know more about this innovative product, but not only, we also got to test the new tire to the CEMA, the Michelin Research and Development Center, a place with 100 km of slopes, usually closed to the public. One thing that just does not happen every day and that certainly proved to be a very interesting experience.

The Pilot Sport 3 is called “amplifier of feelings” and this says a lot about those who want to be the targets of Michelin. Aimed at a target sporty: utilitarian, compact and powerful sedans, equip small vehicles but also as the sports roadster or coupe and sport vehicles not fitted with sports tires. Its advantages are to allow for more grip, which also implies a greater driving comfort, better feel, precision and driving, as well as more responsive. All features that are recognized by the manufacturers but also the result of the work of years at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, where Michelin has obtained 18 victories, 12 of them consecutive. Our commitment in this discipline, in which benefits are synonymous with durability, is a rich and valuable source of teaching aids.

One of the tires with which the characteristics of their car can yield better, without wasting energy, just because it was thought only in economics, doing great attention to fuel economy, but also to the mileage and behavior under braking, especially in the wet and the results are very significant. The stopping distance is in fact reduced up to 3 meters in the wet, something we do guarantee because we tried it with proper braking tests, complete with accurate telemetric and accurate comparisons with competitors on equal terms.

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