Husqvarna TC 450


Husqvarna has introduced in recent weeks, the 2010 model of the TC 450, an enduro bike that retains the best features of the 2009 version but reflects the acquisition of Husqvarna by BMW, as the engine of TC 450 is of German origin and derives directly from the G 450 X enduro mounted on the house of Bavaria. It is a vertical cylinder with four valves per cylinder, four-stroke 449cc liquid-cooled, with dimensions of 97 stroke for bore × 60.76 mm, with electronic injection. The five-speed gearbox with chain final drive.

As for the chassis, the chassis is a tubular steel girder, the front suspension has a Kayaba fork upside down, while the rear is a swing arm. The TC also has disc brakes both front and rear with respective diameters of 260 mm and 240 mm.

The bike has been tested at the motocross Malpensa by Andrea Bartolini and the Husqvarna factory rider Alex Salvini (MX3) and participates in the enduro world championship with drivers and Andreas Marko Tarkkala Lettenbichler.

Husqvarna TC 450 with the already wide range of brand adds another jewel that will surely make the happiness of many fans, waiting to give all the fans sporting achievements worthy of fame in recent years, Husqvarna has earned thanks to its true and their companies in the world motocross and enduro world.

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