Buick LaCrosse Hybrid


The Buick LaCrosse hybrid will be presented at the Salon in Los Angeles. The news was reported by the American company General Motors, which controls the Buick. The sedan will replace the model in question placed on the market until now: the launch is scheduled for 2012. Within the galaxy GM are experimenting with new ways for some years now: you will recall, in the field of environmentally friendly cars, the Chevrolet Volt, for example. The new Buick sedan, however, will have a 4-cylinder engine in line will have a lithium ion battery.

His performance on the road does not detect a particularly significant for Europe: 15.6 kilometers with a liter of gasoline on the highway, compared to 10.5 kilometers per liter in the city. Nevertheless, the data shows a decrease by at least 30% compared to traditional gasoline version. The will of the parent is to take it on the market in the United States since 2012, alongside the six-cylinder model.

As for the price of hybrid car, the manager of the GM comes a voice that would indicate $ 30,000, about 23,000 euro at current exchange rates. To us Europeans, the Buick LaCrosse hybrid will certainly not make you jump for joy, considering the performance. Although the term hybrid is not so good: it seems, rather, extended-range electric car that GM has dubbed eAssist.

These are, namely, a system that would extend the autonomy of the car, but only for short distances, those in which the electric motor also acts. The assumption, therefore, concerns the presence of a traditional combustion engine and an electric hybrid like the Chevrolet Malibu. The latter was nothing but a zero car for the Volt.

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