Puma Nuvola Scooter


Puma enriches his garage with the scooter Cloud, available in two versions, 50 and 125. Practical, flexible, dedicated to the young and / or to women is an excellent solution to city traffic. We disengaged easily and no lack of comfort offered by a good load capacity given by the top box as standard.

The competition on the scooter is really fierce but knows Puma combine good technical characteristics with a discrete design ready to represent the diverse nature of its users.

Puma The Cloud has a single cylinder four-stroke engine, certified Euro 3, air-cooled. The engine is capable of delivering a maximum power of 3.8 hp for the Cloud 50 and 11 horses for the model with engine capacity 125.

The goodwill of the medium is allowed to be made electrically footswitch. The braking system consists of a front disc and rear brake shoes.

The Puma Cloud mounted 10-inch wheels.

The agility, the convenience offered by the size and weight are relatively small, the Puma Cloud has these dimensions in mm, length 1770, width 670 and height 1105. You can still see that the wheelbase is 1242 mm.

The weight helps us a lot when driving in the general management of the vehicle, the Puma Cloud 50 weighs 88 kg and the 125 weighs 90 kg

The tank of the scooter of the Puma has a capacity of 4.2 liters.

The color range is quite wide and is composed of the following colors: gray, white, yellow, blue, silver, red and black also you have the possibility to ask for special paints.

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