2010 Yamaha Vmax


Yamaha introduces the 2010 version of the mammoth Vmax, a four-cylinder engine for almost seventeen hundred cubic centimeters, two hundred horsepower, torque from a howl, more than three hundred pounds and six feet long and forty, and this is the business card exclusive Japanese motorcycles.
The 2010 version of the Vmax in the Italian market will be sold only online for a limited number of copies, produced directly in the factory in Iwata.

Yamaha Vmax is equipped with a powerful four-cylinder V-engine, four stroke, DOCH, four valves per cylinder, from 1.679cc, is capable of delivering a maximum power of 200 hp at 9,000 rpm and maximum torque of 166.8 Nm at 6,500 rpm. Electronic fuel injection and shaft drive complete the technical equipment of the engine.

The chassis is made from aluminum frame with diamond structure, with generous dimensions with the fork legs 52 mm, with extension of 120 mm, and the rear swing arm progressive leverage.

The braking system consists of double-petal disc 320 mm front, with six-piston radial calipers and single disc rear always petal by 298 mm.

Yamaha Vmax is equipped with alloy wheels by eighteen inches with 120/70 rubber for the front and a very generous 200/50 for the rear.

The weight of the Yamaha Vmax 2010 version is more impressive, three hundred and ten kilograms in running order.

The color range of the Yamaha Vmax is composed of a single unique color, black Solar Black.

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