Jaguar C-X75


The concept car Jaguar C-X75 has made a fine show in the Los Angeles Motor Show 2010. After being presented at the last Paris Motor Show, the prototype of electric supercar designed to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the English manufacturer has also allowed the public to admire the stars and stripes of its design and innovative engineering solutions implemented by its engineers. The most interesting of those installed on board the C-X75 is the disposition of its electric motors from 145 kW each, one for each wheel.

In addition to the four engines on the C-X75 is equipped with two micro gas turbines from 140 kW to recharge the batteries. The autonomy of the prototype is estimated at 900 km, 110 of which are in electric-only mode. If you decide to drive the car in sport mode, thanks to the turbines you can have extra power. With a torque of 1,600 Nm the car has a top speed of 330 km / h.

Even within the concept car Jaguar C-X75 has a number of innovative and futuristic. The seats are fixed, for example (as in a race car) and then rather than adjust the position depending on the height of the driver, steering wheel and pedals are moving.

It is not known if the Jaguars will decide to produce this authentic monster 780 hp. At the moment it is not, although some sources suggest that could be developed in a limited edition version. E ‘in each case one of the most fascinating and interesting concept car seen in recent times and the data that you know are thinking of truly excellent performance.

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