2012 Ducati Superbike


The rumors are starting to be insistent, and though the 2012 is still missing a lot of the voice that runs the project in return for the Ducati Superbike has already been developed, and is only in the aging process. It starts from the name, then move to frame and hypothetical values of weight and power. All news to be taken lightly but we fleshed out with the fresh news of the day.

Across Europe is turning the name “-square”, to identify the characteristics of the motor-square fitting out the new 1200cc V-Twin. Our sources reliable, we have confirmed this detail, adding that the engine will have well-bore 112mm, compared with 106 of the 1198 model yet in production.

Such a revolution brings the total redesign of all components, and will not be difficult – so important dimensions of the cylinder – imagine the cam profile and valve driven more by size. The desmodromic system, of course, will remain the workhorse, but too much will change in the positioning of the engine.

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