New Audi A6


Disclosed photos and technical specifications of the new Audi A6 official: the car is 4.92 meters long, has a wheelbase of 2.91 (+ 6 cm, with the new chassis MLB differential is now in front of the clutch and immediately behind the engine, to the benefit weight distribution), is a large 1.87 (+1 cm) high and 1.46. So the size remained virtually identical to the outgoing model. Using a combination of aluminum (+ 20% of the entire structure) and steel for the construction of the car body, allowed to keep the “weight control”: the structure lighter by 15%, despite the slight increase in size, structural rigidity, and the substantial increase in cargo technology, means that the average car weights only 10 kg more than the model it replaces. The 2.0 TDI in its new version with 177 hp weighs about 1700 kg. Almost like the BMW 5 Series (which, in generational change has grown an average of 100kg).

Light alloys have been used especially for the anterior portion of the frame (from the street in front of the radiator), the skeleton and suspension components for many of the body, such as front wings, bonnet, boot lid and the doors and portions of the rear structure (such as the crossbar just above the luggage carrier, the latter has a capacity of 530 liters). E ‘was also made extensive use of high strength steel for the most critical areas of the car. In the construction of the car has been paid particular attention to the isolation from noise and vibration on aerodynamics (the Cd value was reduced to 0.26), the revised suspension system and extremely rigid construction.

The lighting of headlights ranging from halogen lamps through the Xenon headlights (optional and upon request also adaptive and antianabbaglianti) and those LED consumption limited to 40 watts. In combination with the satellite navigation system, the headlights can be set independently of the direction indicators on the turns and highway ramps.

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