LS2 Helmets 569 Scape


LS2 Helmets has developed the model 569 Scape, a modular helmet suitable for both summer and in winter. LS2 Helmets Scape 569 has a outer shell HTTP (Thermoplastic High Pressure Technology) and a high internal resistance in different densities of EPS, which is useful in the best way to absorb the energy spread in the event of any impact.

The model is tested both as a helmet is as integral with the removable chin guard that can pass the tests for approval and at the same time easy to remove due to the simplicity of coupling.

The visor is made of 2.2 mm of polycarbonate with treatment resistant and has a small lever that locks in the closed position and the system TSS (Twin Shield System) which, through an internal sun visor, you always have a visibility .

The ventilation system provides air to enter through two adjustable taken over and the output from an ejector seat on the back cover. The interior, non-allergenic, breathable materials are removable and washable, the strap is a fine adjustment with quick release and the helmet is designed to house or other Compact Bluetooth intercom of this type are available as options.

The helmet is available at a price of 149 euro in three versions all one color for sizes ranging from XS to XXL. In the same series there are still 569 other versions such as the Track and Clover (helmet in three versions for the first and only one color background with silver staining for the second, both at 119 €) or the Rose and the Wind Party (graphic versions € 129).

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