Kineski GAC Trumpchi


Last September the Guangzhou Automobile Kineski released with great fanfare its new sedan, called Trumpchi, as one of its new models and spearhead the company. Through its alliance with Fiat, the pattern you see, although it seems totally new, “almost all ” of the Italian brand.

On the occasion of the celebration of the Hall of Guangzhou have more data and the release date of this saloon. His platform is that of the Alfa Romeo 166 (indeed, it is made from it), and includes petrol engines 2.0 Twinspark Italian manufacturer, which in the Trumpchi offers 148 horsepower, which is coupled to an automatic transmission five-speed manual but there are variant.

GAC has raised later also offer the 1.8-liter 16V gasoline.

The model measures 4,800 mm long, 1,819 mm wide and 1,484 mm high, with a Cx of 0.29. Will be on sale in China in March next year, at prices that will leave the $ 18,480 (about € 14,083).

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