Volvo XC30 2013


Volvo could accelerate the development of compact XC30 crossover, as reported by Autocar, in order to bring the production version in 2013. The success of this brand new segment, which also soon be added GLC Audi Q3 and Mercedes are already present and where X1 BMW and Range Rover Evoque convinced the Swedes and the Chinese owner to focus on the XC30 Geely, based on the platform of C30 and with four-wheel drive. To give priority to the new crossover will be postponed S40, originally scheduled in 2012.

The style of the XC30, as already anticipated in recent months, should continue the successful trend started by the XC60, much more sporty and dynamic of the XC90. The XC30, however, should wink at young people, with design solutions even more sporty and attractive interior. The size should not exceed 4.35 meters in length, nearly 30 cm less than the XC60, but it is not ruled out a long-wheelbase version for the Chinese and American markets, as it did for the Volkswagen Tiguan, sold in China a longer wheelbase of 115 mm.

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