Detroit 2011 Toyota Prius C Concept


After the all-new Toyota Prius minivan V, the new Prius Concept C (C = compact? No: city), the Japan automaker Toyota brings to the stage at the Detroit Motor Show 2011, the draft of a new hatchback, whose Prius tout court seems to have little in common, at least stylistically, and it will become a new compact car, tentatively included in the C segment, able to enlarge the catchment area of hybrid technology from Toyota. An entry-level car, which at the same time, launched a new pencil, much more complex and personal than the current generation Toyota Prius.

Angular, sometimes rigid, full of angles, eccentric shaft: the new Toyota Prius Concept C inherits the hard lines of the latest chapter of the giant Japanese aesthetic. Although, in the front, you can breathe a similarity, not too hidden, with the new European Car of the Year 2011, as Nissan Leaf label, and in the back, it smells a flavor similar to Honda CR-Z, the average hatchback (segment C) with the truncated tail of the manufacturer compatriot. But these are still personal judgments. Minimalist cabin apart and not similarities, the new Prius Concept C is very dense, sometimes almost heavy: when it comes, that is when it becomes a car to market (a C-segment hatchback, two volumes, it was said), it may lose some of extravagance forerunner of this prototype.

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