2011 Saab 9-5 Wagon


Announces the debut of Saab 9-5 Wagon at the Geneva Motor and disseminates the first official image of the model. The car will be booking from March, but the deliveries will begin only in September 2011, when the 9-5 sedan will join in the lists. The line of the rear volume confirms the strength and sophistication of style sedan, confirming what had hitherto seen in spy photos, with the glazed surface wraparound headlights and rounded shapes. The range of petrol and turbo diesel engines will be taken from the 9-5 sedan, such as the XWD system and the availability of manual and automatic transmissions.

Will be available in the luggage compartment floor and folding adjustable to position the load, the U-Rail system for securing the luggage compartment and a waterproof bottom, in addition to folding rear seat with 60/40 scheme without removing the headrests. The space available will vary from 527 to 1600 liters, with a maximum length of 1962 mm and the rear hatch will be opened electrically (with an open programmable) both inside and outside the car by remote control or touch panel CONUN above the rear license plate. The threshold load for easy access, is positioned 648 mm above the ground.

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