Peugeot 601


Peugeot will not stay on 508 as its top model, but will strive to achieve a worthy representation sedan in its class (and Gala Brand), as is usual since the eighties, where he premiered his model based 604 in the Simca Tagora (marketed then as Talbot Tagora). His contribution to that vehicle was diesel engine.

Since then the Lion brand has offered high-end models forms part of his series 6xx, where will your next exponent in the 601, a sedan, coupe whose first recreations German magazine has published the AutoBild and you can see here. The model will replace the current 607 (there are still some units of the same) in the form of a four-door coupe will be your starting point on the platform of the Peugeot 508, with petrol engines up to 200 hp and diesel variants including six-cylinder, made in collaboration with Jaguar, to 275 hp.

The model is supposed to hit the market in late 2013, so in the coming months will likely begin to see their earliest forms and aesthetic concept.

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