Infiniti Etherea Concept 2011


Infiniti spreads the first images of Etherea, a concept car that will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show 2011. This anticipates a compact luxury car model series that will be the new entry-level Infiniti range, designed especially for younger buyers. The heads of the mark sought to unite the Japanese style sedans, coupe, hatchback and crossover for a line of innovative and, above all, a concept of “luxury” innovative. 4.4 meters long, partly reflects the style of Essence, a prototype sports coupe unveiled in 2009, especially in the shape of the rear pillar.

Interior and mechanics are still unknown and will be unveiled at the Swiss show, however, from previous advances now seems certain the presence of a source drive Mercedes, thanks to agreements between Daimler and the group Renault-Nissan could be either the 1.8 petrol 204 Hp combined with front-wheel drive.

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