Scion FR-S


As we have already had occasion to tell you, Toyota has in the Exhibition of New York as a rebadged version of the FT-86 II presented in Geneva in March: the Scion FR-S, subject to the mark, does not differ in many details with respect to the prototype that ‘predecessor. This latest rear-wheel drive coupe is based on the Toyota-Subaru chassis that we will find next to a sports series. And in common with the car to come, the FR-S also has a 2.0 naturally aspirated boxer four-cylinder, combined with a nice six-speed manual transmission (there is also an automatic, but … we’re serious, come on). In other words, driving pleasure-seekers, the real, here, probably within a year or so, will find it. Here, what you do not find the model number are the carbon brake discs (!), joined to the wheel, as the motorcycle. Science fiction show.

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