Alfa Romeo 4C Release Date


Exhibited for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show 2011, was one of the most beautiful surprises of the last years of Alfa Romeo: the manufacturer has been able to draw upon himself and upon this concept car, the attention of many fans. Today, Alfa Romeo 4C GTA is also ready to show at the IAA 2011: German during the festival we can, in fact, observe – to be exact – a new version of the Alfa Romeo sports car, remodeled in some kind of technical detail from the fashion house . He says – with certainty and formality – a teaser, the company of Fiat SpA has disclosed to witness the presence – important – september, during the appointment.

How has it changed in recent months, Alfa Romeo GTA 4C? We do not know and this image does not help (he assures us, however, that the version you see in Frankfurt will face very similar to the variant examined in Geneva highlighted the central shield, bumper fascia nervous headlamps Almond and body were kept sharp). However, we can assume that engineers and designers of Alfa company are working to develop the car and they’re doing all that is needed to turn 4C GTA Alfa Romeo concept car in a car production.

The new compact fastback, it will be introduced in the range of Italian society from next year (so say the rumors) and will also serve to increase the success of the Alfa Romeo in the United States and Canada, where it will arrive from 2013 onwards (it seems ): his debut, then, is almost confirmed and the presence of 4C GTA in Frankfurt does not endorse that our thesis.

Developed in collaboration with Dallara (which designed the lightweight chassis), the new Alfa Romeo GTA 4C is pushed from the rear wheels, the motor moves 1,750 TBi petrol and managed by the central-rear dual-clutch transmission TCT.

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