Hyundai ix35


Important results have shown the Hyundai in these first 18 months of life of the ix35, came to gather support on a large scale thanks to the 14,000 registrations occurred in Italy and in the face of more than 15,000 orders were taken from the launch in March last year . This success was repeated across Europe and that has forced the Korean automaker to increase production in an important way to introduce on the market and meet the demand with an offer at least equal. The plant in Nošovice, Czech Republic, had therefore to increase its production by 50% even assuming an additional 700 workers to bring their three shifts throughout the day to respond to the copious production required. The action taken by the Korean has reduced waiting times in the last summer that had gone to swell in a very important and had slowed the sale of Hyundai.

At the end of October in Italy, the Korean automaker has recorded an expected sales increase of 20.2% in a market that usually goes down by 10.8% in line to the crisis facing the global economy at this time . An important therefore for the Asian production, which is found to have more than one step to the majors and the other competitors amounted to 36,518 cars sold in the first ten months, until October of this year. A significant number because it exceeds even that seen in the interior of the year 2010, when Hyundai sold were 36,122. When they are missing, then, still abundant at the end of 30 days the total share of 400 exceeds the data length of last year.

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